To My Volunteers

We made it thorough another crazy summer here at the Rec. We had great weather for all of our fundraising events too. I would like to personal thank everyone that helped to make our events a success, without my volunteers these events would not be able to run smoothly and I greatly appreciate everyone’s help. From our color run to our Rec run, the inflatables at the fair to selling ice cream at the barbecue I had great support and couldn’t have asked for better helpers. For those helpers behind the scene wither it was a donation or just support over the phone or donation of food, you are just as much appreciated! Thank you so much, until our next event!!!!

The Rec has met The 2018 Revenue Challenge! Thank you everyone!!

The Rec Center and W.I. Foundation successfully met the 2018 Revenue Challenge

put before us by generous Anonymous Donors. The Challenge was to double the

revenue of the Rec Center as compared to 2016 and to “increase community

awareness and to promote exercise and wellness through community

participation in (the Rec’s) programs and classes”.

Increasing paid memberships and daily use, adding Challenge Memberships and

events like the 30-for-30 Challenges, offering established and new classes, holding

a community Health Fair in collaboration with WICHP, conducting the Rec Run

and Color Run, providing activities for children and expanding the Rec’s “family”

by including daily passes in the Season of Lights greetings were some of the ways

used to accomplish the goal.

The result of this challenge turns out to be two-fold. First, the Rec/W.I.

Foundation will soon receive unrestricted funds in the amount of approximately

$55,000. Second, due to the increased revenue of the Rec Center, receiving a

separate, generous anonymous gift towards repairs of the pool, along with

donations to the Foundation in 2018 which fully reached goals from both a

“Board Members and Others” matching fund and a special Spring Campaign for

the W.I. Foundation, the draw from the principal of the W.I. Foundation

Endowment was only $30,000 in 2018. Compare that to an average of $135,000

over the past eight years (and earlier).

Looking back to 1989, the Rec’s first full year of operation, the Foundation’s

financial support of the Rec has never been less than $71,020. In 2018, it was

$53,075. This kept the endowment in a stable position in 2018.

As always, efforts like these along your continuing financial support and care for

the Rec and W.I. Foundation are the keys to a healthy future. Thank you!

Revenue Challenge Update

Dear Friends of the W.I. Foundation and Rec Center,


It's time to send another update on our 2018 Revenue Challenge progress and ways to help meet the goal of doubling the revenue of the Rec in 2018 as compared to 2016.  The goal is a little over $110,000 (2016’s revenue of $55,000 x 2).  This pie chart shows the progress through September.

We have almost $30,000 in revenues to add in these last three months of the year to meet the challenge and receive $55,000 in unrestricted matching funds. Along with providing critically needed finances for the Rec Center, a priority list of building maintenance items has been identified that, if successful, this challenge grant will help address.

How can you help? Become a member if you aren’t already and consider becoming a Challenge Member in any amount over the cost of a regular membership. Purchase a membership as a gift. Participate in the Rec’s next 30-for-30 exercise challenge beginning November 15. Sign up for a class. Honor your friends and family or remember a loved one with a gift of light on a tree at the Rec (and for this challenge year only, a half- day pass at the Rec will be sent to those you honor) through a Rec Center Season of Lights holiday greeting for a minimum $5 fee (with a suggested $10 fee for this challenge year) per recipient.

Because for this challenge, it is only Rec Center revenues that count, we encourage you to focus your generosity towards the Rec Center in the ways shown above as you are able through December 31,2018.

It will be good for your health and the health of the Rec!



Rec Run 2018

Thank you to everyone for a great 25th annual Rec Run.  We had over 215 participants which is fantastic.  The weather was perfect and the runners were great.  A huge thanks to the sponsors on our t-shirts and to all my volunteers.  All of this would not have been possible with out the help from our community.  This year not only did we have Firefighters run, but also Coast Guard running and helping with the event.  So thank you!  Mark your calendars for next years run July 27th.  Until then keep running!

sponsors 22018.jpg
firefighter 2018.JPG
group coast guard rec run.JPG
single coast guard pic rec run.JPG

30th Anniversary Open House and Community Health Fair

30th Anniversary Open House and Community Health Fair


Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 19th, 12:30-2:30pm to help us celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the dedication of the Rec Center with an Open House and Community Health and Wellness Fair.  The Health Fair is co-sponsored by the Washington Island Community Health Program (WICHP). This event will include health screenings, demonstrations, helpful information and refreshments.  A free-will collection for the Rec at the Health Fair will be eligible for matching in the2018 Revenue Challenge.  Donations will also be collected for WICHP. This event is partially supported by a Thrivent Action Team grant.


As a reminder, the 2018 Rec Center Revenue Challenge, offered by the same anonymous donors who matched $100,000 in donations in 2015, is to increase awareness and promote health and wellness through community participation in the Rec's programs.  Over $5,000 has already been raised through new memberships, Challenge Memberships, and our first "30 for 30" Challenge of the year ($30 to walk, run, bike, swim, etc., as many miles as possible in 30 days).  Registering and participating in the Rec Run (Saturday, July 28) will count towards this challenge. Gifting memberships to family and friends or upgrading your membership will also count. Other qualifying events will be publicized during the year.  The challenge ends on December 31, 2018. If we are successful, the Rec will receive $55,000 in unrestricted matched funds.  Until then, our special Spring Campaign is matching $20,000 in donations to the Foundation or Rec Center at P.O. Box 68, Washington Island, WI 54246.

Foundation News


Thank you to the many generous donors who continue to support the Foundation/Rec.  From significant donations to your extra change at Mann’s Store (thank you for sharing, Mann family!) it makes a wonderful difference for a place that means so much to so many.

2018 Revenue Challenge – It’s for your good health, and the health of the Rec!

The W. I. Foundation and Rec Center have received a second challenge grant from the same anonymous donors who provided matching funds of $100,000 in 2015.  To successfully meet the 2018 Revenue Challenge, the Rec Center must double its paid-in revenue from members and guests for 2018 as compared to 2016, such as membership dues, daily passes and Rec Run registrations.  The Rec would realize a matching donation of $55,000 of unrestricted funds if we meet the challenge.  We will be announcing plans that will involve the Washington Island community – full-time and summer residents, visitors and guests to meet this goal.

Specials for the 2018 Challenge year!  

The first 10 NEW* annual memberships in 2018 (paid in full) get a $25 value gift certificate donated by local businesses.

There are limited financial scholarships available for NEW* individual and family annual memberships.  The scholarship is for ½ the cost of the membership.  Applications are available at the Rec, Nicolet Bank lobby and Mann’s Store.  (The deadline has been extended to Wednesday, January 24th at 12pm.)

Become a Challenge Member!  Members can add any dollar amount to their membership.  By doing so, you will receive a special bonus item from daily passes to Rec merchandise and help meet the challenge.

(NEW* members are those who have never been a member or who have not held a membership since December 31, 2014.)

The Rec Run is one event that will help earn revenue towards the challenge.  Mark your calendars now for July 28 and plan to participate!

For two complimentary ads regarding the Challenge, the W.I. Foundation thanks the W.I. Observer.

Carolyn Foss, President