The Rec has met The 2018 Revenue Challenge! Thank you everyone!!

The Rec Center and W.I. Foundation successfully met the 2018 Revenue Challenge

put before us by generous Anonymous Donors. The Challenge was to double the

revenue of the Rec Center as compared to 2016 and to “increase community

awareness and to promote exercise and wellness through community

participation in (the Rec’s) programs and classes”.

Increasing paid memberships and daily use, adding Challenge Memberships and

events like the 30-for-30 Challenges, offering established and new classes, holding

a community Health Fair in collaboration with WICHP, conducting the Rec Run

and Color Run, providing activities for children and expanding the Rec’s “family”

by including daily passes in the Season of Lights greetings were some of the ways

used to accomplish the goal.

The result of this challenge turns out to be two-fold. First, the Rec/W.I.

Foundation will soon receive unrestricted funds in the amount of approximately

$55,000. Second, due to the increased revenue of the Rec Center, receiving a

separate, generous anonymous gift towards repairs of the pool, along with

donations to the Foundation in 2018 which fully reached goals from both a

“Board Members and Others” matching fund and a special Spring Campaign for

the W.I. Foundation, the draw from the principal of the W.I. Foundation

Endowment was only $30,000 in 2018. Compare that to an average of $135,000

over the past eight years (and earlier).

Looking back to 1989, the Rec’s first full year of operation, the Foundation’s

financial support of the Rec has never been less than $71,020. In 2018, it was

$53,075. This kept the endowment in a stable position in 2018.

As always, efforts like these along your continuing financial support and care for

the Rec and W.I. Foundation are the keys to a healthy future. Thank you!